17 January 1982

Sun Jan XVII

Too hot to do anything. Found the route to the beach on the map. Got thrashed at Monopoly.

Whilst it was certainly warm in Auckland when we arrived, I doubt that it was really too hot to do anything. I suspect more that we were all suffering from a combination of jetlag and feeling rather dislocated and so none of us felt inspired to do too much.

Monopoly became surprisingly important to our lives. When my parents decided to take four fractious children to the other side of the world they probably never imagined that they would arrive and be faced with the problem of entertaining the little so-and-sos in a house which didn’t have a television (or, if they did, they were even more insane than I now believe them to have been). As a result, we played a lot of board games with Monopoly, at this time, our favourite. Which wasn’t to my advantage as I was never any good at it.


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