13 January 1982

Wed Jan XIII

Woke up at 6.30 US (2.30pm). Had a shower. Hotel bus took us to Disneyland at 9.30 (3.30). Had great fun on all the rides, but the Space Mountain (an indoor rollercoaster) was best. Bought some sunglasses. Still have $16.27 left (out of $21.23)!

That’s right. I went to Disneyland and managed to write fewer than 35 words about it. I do recall that Space Mountain really was good, but that I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t completely dark inside, so that if you looked carefully you could definitely see the track ahead.

Aside from that, we saw the Country Bear Jamboree and It’s A Small World and I can’t remember anything else. There’s a photo somewhere of me looking all gawky and awkward as I stand next to Tigger, but I don’t really remember doing that. Oh, and I remember being surprised at how warm it was. I had never experiened temperatures in the twenties (that’s roughly the mid-seventies for those of you still working in Fahrenheit) in January before.

In fact, the thing I remember most about the day was nothing to do with Disneyland. We were all sat having breakfast and Mum ordered coffee. When it arrived she picked up a jug from the table, assumed it had milk in it, and poured a generous quantity of maple syrup into her drink. Nowadays, Starbucks would charge you good money for that, I am sure.

(Sixteen years later to the very day, Lisa gave birth to her first child, my first nephew and my parents’ first grandchild. Happy birthday, Sam)


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2 Responses to 13 January 1982

  1. Karen says:

    I remember the double decker bus ride and that we had tickets for the rides so we had to pick which ones to go on. I remember that you rode Space Mountain but that I was too chicken and rode the People Mover instead. Both those rides are still there of course and, while I was too scared to go on Space Mountain at age 11, my son rode it at age 3 and a half! Both my kids LOVE the People Mover (Now called something more interesting I think!) and now you don’t need tickets for the rides they have been on it at least a dozen times. And I remember the coffee incident and that Mum couldn’t order a replacement because it would have taken them over their budget for breakfast and so she had to drink it. I feel fortunate that, however much I panic that I am going to go bankrupt living here, my budget has never been so trim that I couldn’t splurge on a replacement cup of coffee!

  2. Richard says:

    That’s right. The tickets were split into something like ‘A’, ‘B; and ‘C’ class rides, with ‘A’ being the top rides like Space Mountain.

    I agree. Of course, we had no idea how little money they had back then.

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