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Feeling Faint

Given the number of injuries that I have catalogued on here, you might be surprised to know that only one of them has ever come close to causing me to faint, and it happened when I was well into my … Continue reading

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Tell Sid

One of the nice things about my degree was that it was a joint honours course i.e. I studied two subjects instead of one. In those days before computerised timetabling, a certain amount of work was needed to try to … Continue reading

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Primula Cheese Spread Tried To Kill My Girlfriend

Let me take you back to 1994 and my brother Kevin’s 18th birthday party. It was a day that was memorable for many reasons. For example, if anyone wants to start banging on about climate change and global warming, I … Continue reading

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Sometimes an entry for this site is so easy to compose, it is as if it writes itself. Some are less simple and every now and then one comes along which is really, really hard to write. Often that is … Continue reading

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The Funeral Party

I mentioned last week that the death of my grandmother had set off a chain of events which ultimately led to me meeting Caroline. It all began with her funeral… Helen always had (may still have, too) a slightly unusual … Continue reading

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My Favourite…Christmas Song

I hate the fact that Christmas has become so commercialized. I the test of the fact that summer is barely finished before the Christmas cards are available in the shops. Over the years I have developed a habit of not … Continue reading

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One of the things that I have to thank my grandmother for is my lifelong love of candles. Now, to anyone who actually knew Gran, that is going to seem like an odd statement, because the only time that you … Continue reading

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