Monday Morning Musical Memory

Like many couples, Caro and I had a fairly idyllic, ‘nothing can harm us’ sort of beginning to our relationship. Things such as her purse being stolen the first time we met were brushed off as mere trifles. Splashing hot fat over her hand a few days before an important exam was nothing that couldn’t be dealt with. Heck, the closest we came to anything going seriously wrong in those first few months was the night that we ended up having no dinner because each of us thought that the other was going to cook that night.

But then came the time when something bad did happen and I am not sure that either of us really knew how to deal with it, because it was so unexpected. The next morning, this song popped into my head – surprising in one respect, because it was an album I had only heard for the first time a couple of months before, unsurprising in another, when you listen to the words. Everything about it seemed so appropriate.

And yet when I hear it now, I don’t necessarily think back to that time. I think of it as a reminder, a song which tells me how I ought to act for anyone who has a problem, be they my nearest and dearest, a more distant relative, a friend, a client or a total stranger. I don’t claim that I always react that way, but I hope that this particular number strikes a similar chord with you:



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