Monday Morning Musical Memory

Today’s Memory concerns my favourite film that I have never actually seen. I know that sounds odd, but read on.

Back in the spring and summer of 1980, a huge amount of press was devoted to this film, most of it directed towards its young female lead. This was despite the presence among the cast of Quadrophenia star Phil Daniels, Jonathan Pryce (who would go on to play the leading man in many films and stage shows) and Mark Wing-Davey, Zaphod Beeblebrox in the hugely successful Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series. Oh, and Gary Tibbs, then a member of Roxy Music and later to join Adam and the Ants.

What made an impact upon me, though, was the soundtrack album. From first track to last, I don’t believe that there is a weak number on it. My parents’ good friend Dave gave me a taped copy of it and I played it so often that, eventually, I had to replace it as it wore out. This was the lead single from that album. It’s brilliant, and yet you hardly ever hear it played today. Which is everyone’s loss


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