Monday Morning Musical Memory

I grew up in an era when the 45 was king. Small, 7″ records ruled the roost. An album was fine to listen to, of course, but they sold on the back of the single, and for many years anything more than that was out of my price range anyway.

In fact, if I bought any record it was around the time of my birthday or Christmas – the times when I would either have some gift money or even (if I was very lucky) record vouchers – to spend.

That doesn’t mean that my record buying was limited to those occasions. I remember hearing this song and loving it so much that I desperately wanted to own it. And then being amazed to find it at a church fete or jumble sale of some kind, which I had been dragged along to by my grandparents whilst I was staying with them. Every time I hear the song, I silently thank the cloth-eared nit who gave my copy to a jumble sale.


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One Response to Monday Morning Musical Memory

  1. AT says:

    Love the Bunnymen! I still can’t decide whether The Game, Bring On The Dancing Horses or Lips Like Sugar is my favourite.

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