Yes, I know that I said there would only be three posts a week, but this is a bit special.

I can remember when I first met Pat, but I couldn’t tell you when it was, other than that it was spring time and sometime before May 1988. He had begun dating my sister, Karen, and she was keen for me to meet him.

That first meeting was the usual, slightly stilted affair. We met at Pat’s shared student house in Leamington. It was one of those slightly awkward, getting to know you, sort of meetings. Little did I know that I’d still be talking about it so many years later.

Pat and Karen were, it seems, made for one another. They were married in 1994 and now have two beautiful boys. Along the way he and I have been through many things together, from the night we lost Helen, to the day he bought a new turntable, to – well, so many good things that I have to write about.

I love him like a brother. There are times when, I am sure, I annoy the heck out of him. Like today, his birthday, which I have clean forgotten to send him a card for. So this is by way of a public apology and a public confession. Happy Birthday, Pat – here’s to many more.


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4 Responses to Pat

  1. Actually, at our very first meeting, if I remember it correctly, you were driving your parents’ Cortina, picking Karen up from my place in North Leam. I’m not sure you even got out of the car 🙂 But yes… the night we lost Helen – unforgettable! It was the Pixies we’d been to see, with Pulp as support?

    And I guess it’s the Ariston Q Deck you’re referring to – if I remember correctly, that was from Richer Sounds. Good turntable – served me well for many years!

    • Richard says:

      Hmm, I don’t remember that, but it must have been around the same time if it was the Cortina.

      It was an unforgettable night in many respects, but I don’t remember the support band at that gig. The first time we saw them was at the Hummingbird in Birmingham and The Wolfgang Set were the support. Could I really have forgotten Pulp?

      It was indeed the Q Deck. Probably the only turntable I can actually name!

      • The Wolfgang Press, surely?

        Pulp – I definitely saw them at G-Mex – maybe it was supporting James…

      • Richard says:

        I thought that looked wrong when I wrote it, so a good spot.

        I am not sure that we even saw the support act. I remember that we had to sell your French friend’s ticket after he decided not to come.

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