Monday Morning Musical Memory

You wouldn’t know it to look at me now, but I used to be a member of a gym.

In fact, I have been a member of three gyms in the course of my life. One was very small and I think I went about twice, because I got fed up of spending more time queuing to use the equipment than I did actually using it.

The second gym, at the outset, had a big attraction for me. Not the gym itself, but the fact that it was the only place that I could watch, a cable television channel which played the sort of music I had not really paid much attention to before. I found so many favourite songs through that station and would spend excessive amounts of time on the exercise bikes (as they were the only pieces of equipment with their own television screens) just to try and find something new.

I was devastated when the channel went bust and had many attempts at finding it online (this was the days before YouTube). Going to the gym was never that good again.

This was the first song that really struck a chord with me. It was a bad day if I didn’t get to see this video whilst I was exercising.


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