Monday Morning Musical Memory

In one respect, I am a rubbish parent. I can’t remember the first time that my son did many things. I remember his first proper steps, but I couldn’t tell you what his first word was or when he said it. What I can remember, though, are the first times that he danced to a CD, and the first time that he sang along to a song on one.

The album that this song comes from was his favourite for many months – so much so that, on many occasions, he would not want to drive anywhere without hearing it. Eventually, my wife and I pretended that it had gone missing, because even we were getting tired of hearing it.

Before that happened (obviously), I was driving with him in the back of the car. I had to have the CD on, and the first song passed without me even really noticing it (that’s how often I had heard it!). Then the second track kicked in, and as the chorus began I heard, very distinctly, a little voice singing along:

That decision was mine, that decision was mine

What makes me even happier is that this is the song which introduced me to The Young Knives. Like father, like son…


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