Monday Morning Musical Memory

Somewhere, in a sprawling metropolis -well, York – there lives a man named Marc Fearns. He is, on the quiet, a genius. Marc is one half of the brains behind the wonderful 7 Reasons website. This is not what makes him a genius. What makes him a half of a genius is that he and his writing partner Jonathan Lee have found a way, via their Saturday guest slot, to get other people to write their website for them. And what makes him the other half of a genius is that he had the idea for this new feature. For which I can only thank him, because I think it is a brilliant idea, and I hope that you will too.

The idea is that, every Monday, the day’s memory will have a musical theme. Sometimes, the music will tie into a long and important story. Sometimes, it will be a brief memory. And sometimes it will be nothing more than a song which reminds me of being somewhere particular.

Today, we’ll begin with the song which gave Marc the idea for this feature. In my final year at university I lived in a flat with three others. The flat below us was occupied by four guys and, it is fair to say, they were not the quietest. The one below my room played guitar and seemed to think that around 1am was a socially responsible time tio practice, thereby ensuring that I had a lifelong* fear of noise in the evenings.

Sometimes, after they had been particularly noisy, the four of us would get up in the morning, put our stereos on full blast, and then go out, leaving our neighbours to wake up in the nicest possible way. This band were one of my favourite choices. This is actually one of their less feedback-heavy songs. Marc liked it. I hope you do.

*well, so far


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