Can We Go to the Fairground Instead, Then?

The answer is still ‘no’, I’m afraid. My hatred of fairgrounds is only marginally less well developed than my hatred of circuses, although for different reasons.

Fairgrounds are, in short, a giant rip-off. Four quid to ride on a train that goes around in circles? There’s a roundabout over there that does the same job for free. And is less likely to explode whilst I am on it.

I fully appreciate that the people who run fairs are only trying to make a living. However, there are more honest ways to do it than by encouraging me to throw darts at playing cards nailed to hardboard, or to shoot at tin cans. Especially when the sights on the guns are so far out of alignment as to be dangerous* and the darts are blunter than an uncooked chicken breast.

When I was growing up, there was a big annual fair on the top of the highest local hill. It was loud and the hubbub and bright lights were enticing and exciting. But once you were inside the ring of rides it was just full of slightly scruffy people trying to take your money. I can get that in McDonald’s.

If you have ever watched the film Despicable Me, you’ll remember the wonderful scene where the lead character enacts revenge upon a fairground stallholder for ripping off one of his foster daughters. It might be my favourite movie scene ever.

Now, how about asking if you can go on a rollercoaster, or a log flume? You might get somewhere then…


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3 Responses to Can We Go to the Fairground Instead, Then?

  1. hazel says:

    Now then, having just eaten (yes a bar of chocolate) reading this reminded me so much of the smell of burning rubber that you get at fairs, and the feeling of nausea that my husband and I share for the waltzer, I feel as though I may just re-visit my chocolate.

  2. Pennie says:

    Been to legoland yet then…log flumes ? check Rollercoaster ? check…people trying to scam money off you at every turn ? check…

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