So, How Was It For You?

Well, that’s the 30 Day Song Challenge completed. I hope that you enjoyed it and enjoyed learning some things about me from it.

For anyone who wants to try and make a playlist or something, the full details are later in this post. I’d skip days 2 and 16 if I were you, mind.

Anyway, anxious as I am to please and appease my readership, I was wondering whether you had enjoyed having a theme for one, or even simply having some music to listen to? I was hoping to put a poll in here, but for some reason the site won’t let me, so give me your views in the comments instead. That’s all of you – I expect at least a dozen answers.

From now, I’ll be going back to the Monday-Wednesday-Friday posts for a while, unless anything particularly catches my attention and relates to something in my life. Thanks for reading, and here’s the full list:

01 – The Cure – ‘Charlotte Sometimes’

02 – Some annoying brat or another – ‘Tomorrow’ (from ‘Annie’)

03 – Pretty Girls Make Graves – ‘Something Bigger, Something Brighter’

04 – Maximo Park – ‘Going Missing’

05 – The Motorcycle Boy – ‘Room at the Top’ (and ‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’)

06 – The Cure – ‘Open’

07 – The Long Blondes – ‘Giddy Stratospheres’

08 – Los Campesinos! – ‘…And This is How You Spell “HAHAHA We Destroyed the Hopes and Dreams of a Generation of Faux-Romantics”‘

09 – Animal Magnet – ‘Welcome to the Monkey House’

10 – Mead – ‘Amber July’

11 – The Cure – ‘The Baby Screams’

12 – Radiohead – ‘Black Star’

13 – The Young Knives – ‘She’s Attracted to…’

14 – Bizet – ‘Au Fond du Temple Saint’ (from ‘The Pearl Fishers’)

15 – 10,000 Maniacs – ‘Headstrong’

16 – Gary Glitter – ‘Do You Wanna Touch’

17 – The Automatic – ‘Monster’

18 – Into A Circle – ‘Evergreen’

19 – The Cure – ‘Disintegration’

20 – American Hi-Fi – ‘The Art of Losing’

21 – TV on the Radio – ‘Wolf Like Me’

22 – The Twang – ‘Push the Ghosts’

23 – The Cure – ‘Plainsong’

24 – The Cure – ‘Treasure’

25 – Tom Lehrer – ‘Poisoning Pigeons in the Park’

26 – The Cure – ‘From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea’

27 – The The – ‘Uncertain Smile’

28 – Echobelly – ‘I Can’t Imagine the World Without Me’

29 – The Mixtures – ‘The Pushbike Song’

30 – Plan B – ‘Stay Too Long’


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One Response to So, How Was It For You?

  1. Sabah says:

    I love getting to hear about what sort of music people listen to. I’ve lost track of how many of my favourite songs were recommendations, or even just people telling me that such-and-such was among their favourite songs, so this was great.

    On a shallower note, it’s also nice to have one’s taste in music validated. ‘Wolf Like Me’ is one of my absolute favourite songs, but so many people I know have admitted that they don’t get the appeal that I was starting to worry a bit.

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