30 Day Song Challenge, Day 22 – A Song That You Listen To When You’re Sad

This might seem like an odd choice. Frankly, though, my attitude to being sad has long been to try and get over it as soon as possible, to try to be as positive in so far as it is possible and definitely not to wallow in misery. Aside from anything else, I tried the last option a lot as a teenager and it never got me anywhere.

This song came out at the same time that my son William was born. To give Caro a break at the weekends I would often get up when he woke up and bring him downstairs, and would sing this song to him as I did so. I’ve no idea why I chose it, except that the chorus seemed somewhat appropriate.

Nowadays, it is the song I turn to if I ever feel a bit down (which, fortunately, isn’t very often). It just reminds me so much of Will and Caro.


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