30 Day Song Challenge, Day 18 – A Song That You Wish You Heard On The Radio

My university flatmate Angela was good for many things. Undying friendship was – and is – foremost among them. At university, she was also good for chauffeuring services (she had a car, I didn’t), finding people to share the flat, and the occasional argument.

What she was also good for was providing tapes of bands which I might never have heard of before. Sadly, all but one have now split up. The one who remain together are Blyth Power, who you will almost certainly have never heard of, but who once boasted Jamie Hince – the future Mr Kate Moss – among their number. The most successful were All About Eve, famed mostly for a hilarious incident on a live edition of Top of the Pops, but whose song ‘Every Angel’ once made me leap out of my seat so excitedly that I hit my head on the ceiling.

The shortest lived and least commercially successful, though, were the ones I loved the most. Angela somehow got hold of a studio tape of theirs, so I have copies not only of the songs which made it onto their one album, but of songs which didn’t. If I could have done, I would have put the elegiac ‘Attica’ on here, or the weird and wonderful ‘Dune Buggy Attack’. Instead, you get this, the title track from that album. And my memories of some very happy times.


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