30 Day Song Challenge, Day 17 – A Song That You Hear Often On The Radio

Caro and I moved in together in April 2006. Because she works in London and I, at the time, worked only a few miles from home (and still do, although it is a different job and a different home), I always got in from work before she did.

At the time, XFM was a decent radio station, with good DJs such as Iain Baker and the aforementioned Jon Hillcock. This meant that my immediate reaction upon coming home was to turn the radio on and flood the flat with music.

For some reason, this song always seemed to be on the radio in those days. Which I found odd, because it wasn’t released until months later.Whenever I hear it, I am reminded of my first summer with Caro, when the sun always seemed to be streaming through the window of our tiny kitchen and we were learning to live with one another.

On the strength of it we went and saw the band at a wonderfully chaotic show in London. Unfortunately, the song – and the antics of their hyperactive, squeaking, keyboard player Alex Pennie – made them very popular, especially amongst idiots. Which means that of the three occasions upon which I have had problems with audience members at a gig, two of them have come when seeing this band.

This song still seems to crop up once a week on the radio. XFM is a shadow of the station that it once was, so it is always nice to hear this emerge through the dross that they play most of the time now, and be taken back to the heady, sunny, summer days in Surbiton.


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