30 Day Song Challenge, Day 15 – A Song That Describes You

It isn’t often that you’ll get a boy giving credit to one of his sisters, but I have to admit that Karen, my biggest little sister, has at times unearthed some bands which I would never have listened to normally and have really enjoyed.

I don’t really need to introduce this song the way that I have the previous fourteen. It is so obviously about me that introductions are otiose. But without Karen championing this band, I would not have heard of them anything like as soon as I did.

Late in May 1989 we went to see them together, along with Karen’s boyfriend (and now, I have always been proud to say, my brother-in-law) Pat and her friend Sally (another who has become a firm friend of the whole family). This entailed a mad dash from Keele to York, where Karen and Sally were studying, and then to Sheffield where the gig was. It was great fun, even if it remains one of only two shows I have had to leave early for fear of not being able to get home. The image of the singer walking around her microphone stand in a circle whilst singing ‘City of Angels’ remains lasered into my memory.

‘City of Angels’ clearly doesn’t describe me. This song, as I have said, clearly does. Sadly, we will never see this band play live again, but please sit back and enjoy Jerry Augustyniak, Dennis Drew, Steve Gustafson, Natalie Merchant and the late, great, Robert Buck, collectively known as 10,000 Maniacs. Singing about me.



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