Happy New Year

Yes, yes, yes, I know that it is the 6th, but as TMB is now three posts a week this is the first chance I have had to say it.

To see in 2011, I thought I would think back to my younger days. At some time around the end of the 1970s, my parents began hosting a New Year’s Eve party for a group of their friends. The point of the party, it gradually dawned upon me, was to save on babysitting fees. What would happen was that each guest couple would bring with them any children that they might still have hanging about the house. We kids would then be sequestered in the upstairs bedrooms – and particularly our new loft extension – where our parents could keep an eye upon us whilst getting ratted on home brew (it was the 70s, after all) and see in the new year.

I don’t remember too many of these, because as the eldest of the children involved I was pretty soon being farmed out to act as babysitter elsewhere and, eventually, I had my own social life to attend to. But the really nice thing is that the parties still continue today. Of course, the number of children is now nil, and the party moves venue every year, but one thing that Mum and Dad have always been good at is keeping friends and keeping in touch with them, and although the makeup of the parties isn’t the same as it was to begin with, I would guess that it is roughly 60% the same – which is not bad over the course of 30something years.

I’ve only ever been to one house party for new year, and it was very different. One day, that will find it’s way here, too.


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