It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

I wouldn’t normally post anything on a Saturday, but with two important events in my life having occurred on September 25th I couldn’t bring myself to ignore the date altogether.

On Tuesday September 25th 1990 I walked into the offices of Gremson & Co Solicitors at 602 Stockport Road, Longsight, Manchester to begin my first day working in the legal profession. I had actually showed up the day before, only to find that they were wholly unprepared for my arrival and to be asked to come back the next day.

In fact, they were so unprepared that I didn’t even have a desk for a long time.  It was the days before the evil of open plan offices was visited upon the profession and every single office was already filled. I therefore spent a lot of time hopping between different rooms, depending upon who was in.

Not that it really mattered for the first day. I had already met the proprietors, David and Sara Gremson, at an interview the week before. It was the first and only time that I have gone for an interview and been offered the job on the spot. It was Sara who interviewed me, in the small, windowless office which was occupied by the part-time book-keeper, Barbara, at other times. As we came out at the end of the interview, we bumped into David. Sara introduced me as “Richard, who I am just about to offer the job to”, to which David replied “When can you start?”.

After some introductions, I was left in the same office to read some files. People popped in to check that I was okay. Sarah, the receptionist (and only person there who was younger than me) showed me how to log calls and transfer them. And that was that. At 5pm everyone downed pens and went home. My first day was over.

There will be much more about the eighteen months that I spent at Gremson & Co. Sara and David alone could take up a week of entries. Like all jobs, there were good times and bad, but I still feel a tremendously warm glow of affection every time I think back to my time there.


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