Parental Advice

Kids are notorious for not heeding their parents’ advice – or, at least, not heeding it at the time and realising how good it was only when it is too late to take it. For this reason, I don’t feel bad about not taking this particular piece of advice, but I have always wondered what would have happened if I had done.

Dad was, at least when I was young, a heavy sleeper. It is not a trait which I have inherited, sadly – I don’t need a lot of sleep, which is good because I wake up enough times in the night as it is.

As a child, one of the consequences of my waking up at night was that I often would find myself heading for my parents’ bedroom and attempting to get into their bed. This is not uncommon among children, I know, but I must have done it more than most, because one morning, when we all woke up, Mum asked me who had said that I could get into their bed.

“Dad did,” I replied – and I recall vividly having asked him, too.

“Richard, you know that you could ask your father for a five pound note in the middle of the night and he would say yes,” she replied.

Now that really was a temptation. At the risk of sounding clichéd, five pounds really was a lot of money in those days, almost a whole year’s pocket money. Yet, for some reason, I never succumbed to that temptation. I assume that I was afraid that it might have gone badly. But I do wonder what might have happened if I had asked.


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