When I Fall In Love

When I started this blog, I wasn’t exactly expecting the questions to roll in. In fact, I wasn’t expecting any questions or comments to arrive at all. I was, therefore, more than a little surprised to get a question within five minutes of the site going live.

So surprised, in fact, that I lost the question.

It went along the lines of ‘I want to know the first time that you really, truly, fell in love?’.

This is a difficult question to answer. Where do I begin? After all, we are all born with an unconditional love for our parents, a love that is itself born of the need for the food, warmth and shelter that a parent provides.

Then there is the love for your siblings. I’ve got three of those and again, I loved them from the moment I first met them.

But is this kind of love falling in love? Arguably yes – you still have a slight choice and some children don’t bond with their parents or siblings. But I don’t think that the gist of the question was the love of blood relatives. Which means that the winner in this category has to be a five year old girl named Beverley.

I remember very little of my first school (and what little I do recall I’ll write up later) but I recall Beverley most clearly. We were four and it was well understood that we were an item. Even though she had a habit of eating paper which, frankly, revolted me even at the age of 5.

If you have ever watched kids that age interact, they make friends and stick with them. It strikes me that this is the purest, truest kind of the love that the questioner was asking about. And I can’t help but wonder what happened to Beverley.


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    Luv your post…so innocent and pure…

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