“Oh look, another blog!”, I can’t hear you crying. Just what the world needs, isn’t it? Another blog? Particularly another blog by someone who already has several, which appear with varying degrees of frequency.

Well, let me tell you something. In many respects, this blog isn’t for you. It isn’t for anyone. It has a function, though. That function is for me to have somewhere to write down all of the things which I suddenly remember about my life, and which, as time goes on, I might forget.

You see, although I’m pretty much your average 42 year old, I’m also very aware that, if I go under a bus tomorrow, there are bits of my life which no-one but I know about.

So, really, this blog is for me and for those who come after me. It is, in effect, the autobiography of someone who will never be asked to write his autobiography. Only in a somewhat different and much more random sort of way. There’s going to be no rhyme or reason to the way in which things come up here, but hopefully it will all make sense in some strange sort of way.

And hey, if you read this and want to know about anything in particular, leave me a message and I’ll see what I can remember about it.


About Richard

Just your less-than-average married father of one
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One Response to Why?

  1. Love the header photo – perfect for such a blog. I shall be reading, even if it’s not for me! Have fun with it x

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